Ondertussen is het nieuwe basketball seizoen al weer eventjes aan de gang en dus vroegen wij ons af waar onze oud spelers een nieuw plekje hebben gevonden. Of misschien zijn ze niet meer verder gegaan met basketball.
En daarom hebben we een nieuw colum, “Hoe gaat het nu met ….?!”. Hierin zullen wij een aantal spelers wat vragen stellen en zullen zij ons vertellen hoe het gaat en waar ze nu mee bezig zijn! We beginnen met onze IJslandse Viking Snorri Vignisson.


How are you doing and are you still involved with basketball? Tell us what you are doing.
I am in my second year at TU Delft, working on my master’s in Management of Technology. I am still involved in basketball, currently playing with Lokomotief Rijswijk in the Promotiedivisie where they are the three-time defending champions and we are going for a fourth.

Is there an anecdote you could share with us from your time at the Royals? 

In the first weeks of practising with the team, some of the guys hadn’t quite learned my name yet. In one drill early on we were supposed to call the name of the teammate we were passing to. So instead of calling my name, Arben Camaj called me “ICE” because he knew I was from Iceland. From that point, almost everybody on the team called me Ice, even though my name is quite weird and memorable for Dutch speakers.

What do you remember best from life at the Royals?

The people in and around the club. My teammates, the volunteers and the club’s staff were a joy to be around.



How do you look back at your time in The Hague?

With joy. My year at the Royals was different than most. First I came in as a part-time practice player and ended up starting quite a few games and having a big role on the team. For me to play in the top division of a mainland Europe basketball league was a long-sought-after dream and something I will cherish.

Do you have a personal message for the fans and everyone that supported us during those rollercoaster years?
Thanks for supporting us even though it was very hard. First with all of the covid regulations and the tough results on the court. I believe that the Royals will be back and hope everybody will be back to push them onwards.