Het nieuwe jaar is al weer eventjes op gang. En dus gaan we weer even terug kijken naar wat mooie momenten van de Royals. Dit keer doen we dat met Jens te Velde!

How are you doing and are you still involved with basketball? Tell us what you are doing.
I’m doing well! After last season, I moved to Boston (USA) to further pursue my Medicine studies. I stepped down from playing professional basketball, but I’m still active, playing for a Harvard University team.

Is there an anecdote you could share with us from your time at the Royals?
I remember the bus trips the most, having to listen to the same conversation over and over again of one teammate (who shall remain nameless) trying to convince everybody else of his take in the GOAT debate.
What do you remember best from life at the Royals?
The COVID-tests right before the practices and having practices and games during curfew really stuck with me. Arriving at the gym to see dudes crying at the sideline, realizing we had an ‘intense’ COVID tester that day.

How do you look back at your time in The Hague?
I really enjoyed my time at the Royals. It was my childhood dream coming true to be able to play at the highest level in the country, and I am thankful to the staff and board of the Royals for this opportunity. We had two special seasons!
Do you have a personal message for the fans and everyone that supported us during those rollercoaster years?
Sportcampus Zuiderpark and the city of The Hague deserve and desperately need a pro basketball team at the highest level. We had a taste of what’s possible! Thanks for the support, and let’s make it happen for the next season(s).