Vandaag kijken we weer terug op een mooie tijd bij de Royals en dit keer is dat met Bart Bijnsdorp!

How are you doing and are you still involved with basketball? Tell us what you are doing.
At the moment I’m doing great, enjoying the social life. I continue to playing basketball at Lokomotief Rijswijk, where I joined together with the Iceman (red. Snorri Vignisson).

Is there an anecdote you could share with us from your time at the Royals?
“To win a game you have to score more than the opponent.”
What do you remember best from life at the Royals?
I will remember the guys I got to know the most. It was a big experience learning to know multiple individuals with their own background and reasons to be here. Everyone had their own story and I hope that some who continued playing professional basketball can make it through to have a nice career where they feel proud off.

How do you look back at your time in The Hague?
Despite having a tough season, we all showed up regardless. We were there at practice, making the best out of it and kept playing basketball. It asks a lot from a player, a team, a coach and even an organisation to deal with a season where we had 1 win. We managed to finish the season and we managed to do it together. The season showed that no matter the difficulties and setbacks, we kept going and kept fighting till the fat lady sings, all in our own way.
Do you have a personal message for the fans and everyone that supported us during those rollercoaster years?
The Royals organisation is great and worth supporting for. As a player I felt supported all season long and they shared the frustration with us in the difficult season, instead of showing the frustration against us. Big thanks to everyone who supported us last season. If the Royals can make the comeback, it would be appreciated so much to get the support again and let’s hope this time it’s not in vain!